Orphan care + prevention is why we started and what we're committed to for our future.

In 2012, our friends and fellow champions of orphan care were adopting their fourth child. Because of their generosity to other adoptive families and heart for the orphan we decided to hold an ice cream fundraiser with some flavors we created at home using pure ingredients. The daughter they were about to bring home from China has the middle name Joy, and from that the name Pure Joy was born. The fundraiser was successful, and through much help from our community the ice cream business was built with the commitment to give our profits going forward to help with orphan care and prevention.

We're currently partnered with and donate our profits to Weight of Glory Orphan Care.

Weight of Glory Orphan Care is a non-profit movement investing in sustainable projects that directly benefit the lives of orphaned children via food, shelter, and education. We do this by pairing local communities with our international partners and through that relationship, both are changed. 

Read more and get involved with Weight of Glory on their website: www.weightofgloryorphancare.org.