Welcome to JBU! So, you've secured your class schedule, ordered your books and have your dorm and meal plan locked down. But, something's missing! That's right, the AFTER MEAL PLAN, you know, that thing where you hang out with your friends at the local ice cream shop downtown, and you totally have a prepaid punch card so you don't even need cash. Glad we got that one covered now, too!

JBU After Meal Plan
from 50.00

An excuse to get off campus for a bit and enjoy downtown Siloam with your friends? Sounds great to us! Get the after meal plan prepaid punch card so you'll always have a little bit of Pure Joy waiting for you.

The GOLD plan includes 3x weekly single scoops, - 48 total, the SILVER plan includes 1x weekly double scoops - 16 total - and the BLUE plan includes 16 single scoops. Also, you can totally come more or less during the week, we'll just punch your card whenever you get here.

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